Have your good intentions started to wane already?


Or are you holding strong until the end of January?

Every year around this time, we hear the same story in clinic…you decided this was the year for you. No more waiting until Monday to get started!
So you signed up to a 6 week body blast
Or bought new trainers in the boxing day sales and have started a couch to 5K
Only for you to have to stop after 3 weeks because your achilles is niggling. Or that annoying pain in your shoulder that usually comes and goes has come. and not gone away this time!
Did you know that most injuries come from doing too much, too soon, too often?
At Elite Physiotherapy, we are lucky that our staff work with some of the top athletes in the country. We are well versed in these kind of injuries!

And we’re going to let you into a little secret…

3 of the easiest tips you can start doing straight way to help keep you on track
1. Take your time!
Rome wasn’t built in a day. Go slow and build your training base. Doing too much, too soon and more than your body is ready for, can lead to injuries such as tendon pain and stress fractures
2. Sort any old injuries
The biggest predictor of picking up any injury is having had one in the past. So if you have any niggles that flare up every so often, get them sorted
3. Don’t neglect your recovery
This is when the magic happens! Allowing your body time to rest and recover between sessions is when collagen synthesis (aka gains) happen!

Don’t let your good intentions go to waste!

Make 2022 a positive one (not the lateral flow or PCR variety!)
We wish you all a happy, healthy, injury free New Year..
and if you want to keep those new year resolutions going strong, we’re here to help!
The Team at Elite Physiotherapy