Physiotherapy treatments to help you at the core

Here at Elite Physiotherapy, we tailor your treatment and rehabilitation plan to address your specific problem. We use a variety of treatment methods to help you get back to your best!

Whilst our treatment beds are very comfortable and form an important part of your treatment plan, we know that the long lasting results come from what you do off the bed! We focus on rehabilitation and exercise and aren’t shy about it. So much so, that we have a fully equipped, state of the art gym on site. Along side this, we offer access to exclusive strength testing equipment used in injury assessment and management which is only available at a handful of clinics in the country!

Physiotherapy can help with…

Back & Neck Pain e.g. Sciatica, Whiplash


Sports Injuries e.g Muscle Injuries, Joint Sprains

Post Surgery Rehab e.g. Hip/Knee Replacement, ACL Reconstruction

Fracture Rehabiltation

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Physiotherapy treatments include…

Manual Therapy

“hands on” joint mobilisation, manipulation and soft tissue work

Sarah Key Technique

Involves mobilisation of the spine using the therapist’s foot

Active Release Technique

Soft tissue therapy used to release trigger points and improve muscular function

Injury Rehabilitation

This includes exercises to improve mobility, strength, stability and conditioning

Shockwave Therapy

Highly effective treatment for tendon pain


Use of needles on specific parts of the body (Chinese acupuncture and dry needling)

Screening & Injury Prevention

Full body assessments focusing on finding your body’s weak parts and injury prevention programmes drawn up